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  Community Discharge Permit Program (CDPP): Plan Review

Development and re-development projects in the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District service area are subject to review and require District approval prior to beginning construction. Depending on the nature of the project, one or more types of review may be required. These include:



         Title V Review Is Back!
Direct connection to NEORSD-owned infrastructure Acceptance-of-Flow (for Ohio EPA PTI Application) Industrial Process Flow Title IV Stormwater Management in the Combined Sewer Area Title V Stormwater Management

To determine if a project is subject to Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District review, submit your project information form to: CDPP@neorsd.org.

Plan Requests and Utility Verification

To request plans for NEORSD infrastructure in your project area or to arrange for conflict review and resolution, please submit your project information form to: CDPP@neorsd.org.

Cleveland Planning Commission Determination Letter

In order to receive a determination letter to satisfy requirements of the Cleveland Planning Commission, email CDPP@neorsd.org or contact the Permit Program Manager at 216-881-6600 extension 6466. The information required include project location, disturbed area, and applicant contact information.