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Contract Name-Bid Type:
Bid - Lockout/Tagout Equipment- Moddie Faye Davis-Operations-Required
Contract Description/Overview:
Taking bids for Brady Corporation Lockout/Tagout equipment. The bid will also include industrial storage units for the equipment.The bidder must be an authorized reseller of Brady Corporation? products.
SBE Goal:
General Instructions:
Please go to our website www.neorsd.org and register as a new supplier on our new computer system (i-Supplier), so you can be a bidder for this bid, if you have not done so. Please download your Bid Package from the attached website. Review website daily for current addendums and download them. New bidders should e-mail Moddie Davis, at davismoddie@neorsd.org with your Company Name, address, city, state, zip code, telephone number, fax number and contact person to request to be added to the Bidders List. No bid bond and no performance bond required for this bid.
Pre-Bid Conference Information:
No Pre-Bid Conference. All questions regarding any irregularities and requests for information should be submitted via e-mail to the District?s Health and Safety Coordinator, Shayne Meadows, at meadowss@neorsd.org. Questions will be answered within one business day. Those questions developing information that should be available to all persons or firms submitting a bid, in the opinion of the District, will be distributed as an addendum to the bid documents. The District will not be responsible for any oral instructions and/or opinions. Questions will not be answered after 12:00 noon, Wednesday, April 19, 2017.
Bid-Opening/Proposal Due Date:
Bid File Number:
Resolution Number:
Contract Contact Name:
Meadows, Shayne M
Download File: