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Contract Name-Bid Type:
Bid - Industrial Cleaning- Dominic Perri-Operations-Required
Contract Description/Overview:
Taking bids for a two year requirement contract to be awarded following an evaluation of the bids received, to provide Industrial Cleaning Services on a Time and Material basis, concurrently, if needed, at the Easterly, Southerly and Westerly WWTPs as well as the Jennings Road Chamber site. No bid bond and no performance bond required for this bid.
SBE Goal:
General Instructions:
Please go to our website www.neorsd.org and register as a new supplier on our new computer system (i-Supplier), so you can be a bidder for this bid, if you have not done so. Please download your Bid Package from the attached website. Review website daily for current addendums and download them. New bidders should e-mail Dominic Perri, perrid@neorsd.org with your Company Name, address, city, state, zip code, telephone number, fax number and contact person to request to be added to the Bidders List. No bid bond and no performance bond required for this bid.
Pre-Bid Conference Information:
PRE-PROPOSAL MEETING AND MANDATORY SITE INSPECTION All Bidders/Contractor's shall acquaint themselves with the work sites and project by attending a mandatory site meeting Monday April 17, 2017 at 10:00am at: NEORSD EMSC 4747 East 49th Street Cuyahoga Heights, OH 44125 Contractors should email the Operations & Maintenance Procurement Administrator Delilah Capeles, at CapelesD@neorsd.org with the company and individuals who plan to attend. Attendees should arrive early to sign in with a state-issued photo ID. All Contractors not familiar with NEORSD's equipment, scope of work and facilities shall acquaint themselves with the tasks to be performed under this contract. This requirement applies to all Contractors in order for a bid to be considered responsive. During the site inspection, the Contractor shall learn the requirements to fulfill the contract specifications. The means and methods of the Contractor shall be compatible with the present operation and facility, and not create nuisances for area residents. Any conditions resulting from the Contractor's actions or inactions that result in complaints shall be corrected immediately to the satisfaction of the NEORSD.
Bid-Opening/Proposal Due Date:
Bid File Number:
Resolution Number:
Contract Contact Name:
Capeles, Delilah
Download File: