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Awarded Bid

Contract Name-Bid Type: Proposal - Beechers Brook and Pepper Creek Bank Stabilization (Project No. 1369)-Engineering
Contract Description/Overview: This design-build project includes two separate project sites to stabilize a minimum of 700 linear feet of Beechers Brook stream bank in Mayfield Village and a minimum of 350 linear feet of Pepper Creek stream bank in the City of Pepper Pike. The objective of this RFP is to identify and select a design-builder that will successfully and safely complete the engineering and construction of the Project according to schedule; budget; in accordance with the Project's permitting requirements; and with the highest quality design and construction all while providing the best possible value to NEORSD.
Bid File Number: EP-1246
Awarded Vendors and their Sub Contractors:

Awarded Vendor Info

Awarded Contractor: RIVER REACH
Awarded Resolution Number: 73-17
Resolution Date: 02/16/2017
Contract Number: 17001463
Awarded Bid: $4,750,000.00